Beyond Lilla


Lilla tells her story...

Not everyone goes to heaven or hell when they die. Sometimes ghosts like me are stuck here among the living. I never saw that darned light that should have taken me to join my dead husband, Sam. We shared a lifetime as celebrated gardeners. I vow to find a way to spend eternity with him, too. First, I have to avoid scaring people in Mount Hope Cemetery so Spooky Marcy and the news team will stop hounding me.

My search for Sam takes me from Rochester to The South, where I solve a Civil War mystery. Along the way, I protect some living relatives, as well as learn from the spirits inhabiting my new world. I even have a run-in with The Forgotten. They're still bitter because we didn't move all their bodies from the park where they were buried long ago.

My spirit friends and I travel and play tricks to pass the time. But the afterlife could be dangerous. My friends save me from a terrifying spirit before I was maimed as badly as young Jodi. Yet, as I continue searching for Sam, I become so desperate to learn other souls' secrets, I commit a vicious act.